How different is Hard Chrome Coating from Adding Decorative Lay

  • The process of hard chrome coating involves applying an additional layer of chromium coating on a metal or any other substance. This gives the material a glowing shine and makes it look like completely new but this is not the only purpose of coatings. It not only makes the material look more attractive, but also adds a protective layer to it. This layer is applied on various machinery and equipments so that they can deal with corrosion, wear, rust and other problems.


    Chrome plating has two different versions of itself. One is decorative chrome plating and the other one is hard chrome coating. Decorative chrome plating is used in door handles, furniture, architectural designs and other parts. These coatings will enhance the visual quality of the equipments however; the strength and durability will remain untouched.


    On the other hand hard chrome coating will significantly improve the sturdiness of the substance so that they can work for a long time. This is the reason why it’s widely accepted in manufacturing and other industries since significance of machines in such fields is high. Coating on rewinder roll, pipes, valves and numerous other equipments are provided to enhance the life of them.


    With the appropriate coating, the tools and machines can work for a long time without facing wear and corrosion. The decorative chrome plating consists of aluminum, copper, alloys and other elements whereas the non-decorative coatings has a thick layer of chromium applied on the object.


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